Some weeks may or may not have defensive boosts. First time clearance of 2020 S1 Audition Stage (Rematch) Ais rewarded with x1 First time clearance of 2020 S1 Audition Stage (Rematch) Bis rewarded with x1 First time clearance of 2020 S1 Audition Stage (Rematch) Cis rewarded with x1 First time clearance of all stagesis rewarded with x1 8,678 2(2) ATK:8,678HP:4,000,000DEF:6,3004,000,000 6,300 No Bestowment 8,678 2(3) … Do keep warm while preventing the epidemic. Once you reach 25,000 EXP, your Grade will be levelled up. Version 19.5 “Charlouette the Magic Agency”. Player has 1000 basic Battle Points. – In an Arena Stage, Active Skills can be activated at any time (the same Skill of the same Monster can only be activated once each Round.) Basic. TOS is a combination of match 3 game and RPG, featuring elements of the ancient mythology varying from Greece, China, Egypt and more. Duration of each mission: 24 hours, otherwise the mission will be canceled. You gain 50 additional Battle Points on top of the previous 1000 for every rank level gained, – The higher the owner’s Arena Level, the higher the HP and ATK of the team and the more skills become active, – With every clearance, you gain Arena EXP to increase your Arena level. Continue Reading Celebration Events “Golden Time of 8 Years”! The Most Anticipated Event of the Year! Tower of Saviors (神魔之塔) is a mobile game developed by Mad Head Limited, a Hong Kong-based mobile application developer. In Early Iron Age, demons flocked to climb the Enochian Tower to extract its power. The Arena is concluded every Monday at 12:00 PM (GMT+8). The best guide in Tower of saviors game; Updated on Jan 8, 2021; Tower of Savior Guide APK is available for free download; App description by Rock Duck3. You can check all apps from the developer of Tower of Savior Guide. 2020: 2020: 2020 6060 Lv Max 1200 6000 Active Skill: Name Nil: Lv. Each time you pass a wave, 2,000 EXP will be granted. – On your card, there’s a toggle by the Leader Skill heading that lets you see the card’s resulting skill when you put it into battle (if any). Soon we will be celebrating the 8th anniversary of Tower of Saviors!The celebration will be divided into two periods! Posted 2 weeks ago Event. Summoner will be defeated when Battle Points are deducted to 0. Upon Skill activation, Battle Points will be deducted according to the Monster’s Skill CD. And Battle Points will be deducted each time when Active Skills are activated or Your HP = 0. For details of the boosted monsters, Summoner can check in the Monster info in the Arena Hall. – To ensure fairness: All Monsters have a unified HP, Attack and Recovery. With the highest score, you will be the new conqueror of that arena. Letter to Summoners Sep 2020. Its traditional Chinese version has successfully made it into the Hong Kong and Taiwan mobile market. * Some monsters are forbidden in the Arena*, – Each player can conquer at most 3 arenas at the same time, up to 4 at Grade 8, – New Arenas exist for only 12 hours instead of 24 hours, – When owning an Arena, it’ll last for at most 12 hours and 0.4 Prize Points are gained every minute, 4 every 10 minutes, 24 every hour and 288 for 12 hours, – The Arena health is drained by the amount of points earned, rather than how many times it’s played, – Each Arena has approximately 40,000 HP worth of points to be drained. Key features of Tower of Savior Guide. Thursday, December 24, 2020 "Tower of Saviors" and Rockman X DiVE Collaboration Announced If you were expecting Rockman X DiVE to do a collaboration with other mobile games someday, wait no more. – In an Arena Stage, 30% of total Battle Points will be deducted when Summoner’s HP becomes 0. Tower of Saviors “TOS x The Seven Deadly Sins” is here! Newbie Guide: Arena. – Starting from the 5th spinning turn, for every turn used -100 result points. Due to an abnormality in some in-game settings, the Committee has decided to postpone Tower of Saviors Champion Cup 2020 Qualifiers Season 2 for 2 weeks, including Group Match (Top 400), Group Match (Top 16), the Finals (Top 4) and other supporting events. Tower of Saviors 9th Sealed Lord “Khaos” Power Release! Since then, the war has ceased and the world has become peaceful. 1 CD Lv. (Does not include Legend Rank), – Your basic Battle Points starts from 1000 at Arena Level 1. Tower of Saviors is a combination of a match 3 game and an RPG, with characters from various mythologies and cultures. Affected by the coronavirus this year, the whole world is doing their best to alleviate the situation. Have you ever wanted to have an ample amount of runestones dropping in your favor (especially when using greek teams) ? If there are more than 1 player attaining the same score, all players at the same score will be advanced. 12 Zodiacs Guide #2: Sagittarius EX stage: (Only allow 70 phases) This mission is fairly easy, let's get into it straight away. (Please be reminded that for every type of abilities, only one monster of the same ability can be chosen as the defensive team). – By tapping “Monster Info” on the main page of the Arena, you can check the available Defense Monsters and their Defense Skills. Newbie Guide: Joint Operation. Become a guild member for at least 24 hours, Every guild member can create a Joint Operation mission by tapping “, When a guild member continues a mission stage, a. roulette will appear to grant that player a random buff, including Skill CDs reduction, damage increase, runestone moving time extension, etc. [Tower of Saviors] FMA Brotherhood X TOS "Truth Seekers" Draw LIVE [09/03/2020] “7th Anniversary Celebration” Begins! Starting from “Sergeant Major”, the requirement for levelling up is 50,000 EXP. Only 10000 top Summoners can become Legend and King of the Arena. Brave heroes of humans, “Grand Sage Molly” and “Sean” the Swordsman stood forward to defend the tower and seal the power. 9.3 Joint Operation. You’ll be defeated when Battle Points are used up. It is available for both iOS and Android users. For example, PR Artemis has 5-combo shield, and Marguerite has Weather Runes. You’ll be matched against other players of the same Arena level as much as possible, – Classes include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Warlord, Legend and King. Arena is a place where Summoners compete with each other. The advancing list will be released before 23:59, 8 Jul (Wed) 2020. Assistant of Tower of Saviors collects latest illustrated handbook and level Information. When a guild member continues a mission stage, a roulette will appear to grant that player a random buff, including Skill CDs reduction, damage increase, runestone moving time extension, etc. Humans take this chance to assemble their forces. Assistant of Tower of Saviors collects latest illustrated handbook and level Information. However, Summoners will not be awarded if the progress has not reached 100% before the time limit. Previous Letter to Summoners (Sep 2020) Dear Summoners, "Letter to Summoners" has been carried out for a year. Summoner can get Rewards corresponding to their Classes and Rankings based on the best 5 scores of the day, including treasures like Diamonds, Prize Points, Harpy and Baby Harpy. If a guild member is kicked out by the Guild Leader during the event period, the accumulated number of completion of that member will NOT remain. 9.1 Arena. Each season lasts around 1 month+, – Arena diamond rewards by ranking are as follows: Bronze – 0, Silver – 1, Gold – 2, Platinum – 3, Diamond – 4, Warlord – 5 , Legend (Top 10k) – 5 to 8, King (Top 500) – 10 to 50. Arena Trial normally opens in the last week of each version. New version 19.6, featuring “Tower of Saviors × ROCKMAN X DiVE”, will be released on 4 Jan (Mon). IMPORTANT: Max Damage is only calculated at the boss stage. First time clearance is rewarded with x1 First time clearance during the event period is rewarded with x1and x1 x1 20,852 1(3) ATK:20,852HP:365,176,580DEF:520,000365,176,580 520,000 No Monochrome Trail EX 19,724 1(1) ATK:19,724HP:139,605,120DEF:680,000139,605,120 680,000 No 8+ … The top 400 Group Match will be postponed to 1 Nov (Sun) 13:00-15:00 (Top 400 Group A) / 16:00-18:00 (Top 400 Group B). Arena is a place where Summoners compete with each other. These rewards are only earned upon the first clearance. Characters of “ROCKMAN X DiVE” will dive into the realm to boost your power! Joint Operation (J.O) is another event similar to the Coliseum in terms of time limit. Strive to be the top of the server with your finger speed and teaming strategy! Advancing players will be evenly divided into groups for the Top 1200 (number of advancing players can exceed 1200). Tower of Savior Guide (Package Name: com.rmdkvir.tosguide) is developed by Rock Duck3 and the latest version of Tower of Savior Guide was updated on October 13, 2020.