Kol tells Davina about his past, about all the magical objects he's collected over the years and the plan he's been thinking of; to dagger Klaus and to lock him in a coffin. Esther later wakes up and realizes she died with Rebekah's blood in her system, and as Klaus explains it to her she will no longer be a witch and have to choose between being a vampire and hating herself, or letting herself die. Whilst Josh is stuck in the shadows without a daylight ring, he is expressively fearful of Klaus and Davina promises to protect him. 1 on The Originals. The following is a list of named characters who have had a story arc on the series that lasted two episodes or more. added by vanszerelem. He is later seen reunited with Aiden in the afterlife, after having spent 15 years apart. "And yes, you are." Photo of Sophie Deveraux | 1x05 - Sinners and Saints for fans of The Originals 36018008 Despite his oath to stand fast with Klaus, Elijah often assumes the worst of his brother, and is quick to cause Klaus to suffer, especially physically, if it means sparing others (usually their sister, Rebekah, or Hayley). During the first season of The Originals, Hayley had troubles coping with her pregnancy and initially tried to abort this baby but eventually came around to it. Sabine had the ability to jump into different bodies whenever she died and that's why she has been alive all this time. In the final episodes, Klaus transfers the Hollow into himself in order to save his daughter Hope with the plan to commit suicide using a white oak stake he has secretly kept for decades to destroy the Hollow and ensure the safety of his loved ones. In retaliation, Klaus disowns Rebekah, telling her he does not love her and she is not his sister anymore and breaks her neck. Marcel's charm and the Mikaelson sibling's affection for him (and therefore reluctance to kill him), are Marcel's greatest assets. Cassie is a witch. the originals. However, as she sits in her cell, she listens to Elena and Stefan's heartfelt confessions of regret and love to each other with a conflicted look on her face. Mikael is the vampire who hunts vampires in season three of The Vampire Diaries. She surprises Tyler when she shows up to his house unannounced, something Tyler is clearly happy about. She doesn't just want us to take down Marcel and his minions, she wants to take Davina back. Born late 1994-early 1995 in New Orleans. After he finds out that he needs Elena's blood to create more non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids, he compels Stefan to stay in Mystic Falls to protect her, but also turns off his humanity. He takes the bait and they have sex. Since Jeremy needs to kill vampires to complete the map to the cure, they conclude that if they kill Kol, which also kills his whole line of vampires, the map will be complete. Marcel is a popular king, who keeps the vampires happy with parties, rewards systems, and the promise of earning a Daylight Ring once they reach his inner circle. Cami continues to show her strength and wit in breaking Klaus’ mind control. Elijah reconnects with Klaus and arranges a meeting. Later, after Tyler has forced the hybrids to submit to him and Adrian has finally broken his sire bond, Hayley reports to Shane that they have their twelve hybrids. Sophie shook her head watching the hybrid's back carefully. Elijah must learn to loosen his rigid control, trust his family more, and be selfish every once in a while in order to find a healthier happiness. Elijah proposes that he be allowed to take Klaus's desiccated (by witch Bonnie and help from the Salvatores and Tyler) body with him and his siblings and leave town, and in exchange, he would make sure that Klaus would not be resurrected within Elena's lifetime or even that of her children, stating: "perhaps that will teach him some manners." تصویر. At the same time, Jackson tells Aiden about him being aware of Aiden's involvement with Josh, a vampire, and cautions him about proceeding with it. It centers on three Mikaelson siblings, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt),[3] collectively known as "original vampires", or simply the "originals". Sophie & Marcel. Castiel-fanboy likes this. Special guest appearances by The Vampire Diaries main cast are also listed at the bottom of this table. Sophie Deveraux. Because Elijah (and so Klaus) found out about Mikael being back, Davina runs off to hide in a cabin. share. Gia is a beautiful, soulful, edgy, rocker-girl vampire who left home at an early age due to her rocky upbringing and who became involved in New Orleans music scene. charles davis. This The Originals fan art might contain portrait, headshot, and closeup. Rebekah, recognising Freya as the witch that Kol had brought to the party to accompany him, approached her and insisted that she could do better than Kol. When Marcel asks what the problem is, Josh then expresses doubt about having any kind of normal relationship on account of his need of blood to survive. Allison Gobuzzi as Elizabeth "Lizzie" Saltzman, This page was last edited on 12 January 2021, at 00:27. He politely interrogates Hayley, though she claims she does not know where Katherine is. French Quarter CovenMikaelson Family (Formerly)The AncestorsNew Orleans Witch Community. When Dahlia learned that Esther had turned her children into the first vampires, and thus ended her bloodline, the weight of carrying on Dahlia's plans fell onto Freya, who swore that she would never fall in love or have a child, in order to spare any child the fate of being Dahlia's. Sophie Deveraux is a witch, antagonist, and a main character in Season 1 of The Originals. Later, in line with Sophie's plan to overthrow Marcel, Klaus healed Thierry to try to gain Marcel's trust. Later, he was taken out of Vincent's body. Her birth was a result of a deal her mother made with her aunt, Dahlia, who used magic to make the barren Esther able to have children of her own. Moreover, her vampire side is that of an Original vampire, making her almost invincible and more powerful than average vampires and her werewolf side is that of an alpha werewolf, through Hayley, making her royalty among the werewolves, the Princess of the Crescent pack. She apologizes for believing Kol was faithful to her but Marcel tells her he kidnapped Kol with the stake to get them to Klaus. Tyler only let Klaus believe something happened between them to distract him from Tyler's plan to break the sire bonds of the other hybrids. Witches tell bedtime stories about the powerful vampire Klaus. Francesca Correa is a dedicated philanthropist, the matriarch of a sizable drug trafficking empire throughout New Orleans and an alpha of Guerrera pack. A couple months later, Klaus showed up and compelled Cami to be his eyes and ears with Marcel. Her uncle Kieran falls under a hex, when he goes mad from the hex, Camille has Klaus turn Kieran into a vampire in hopes of curing the hex. Rebekah's body is temporarily taken over by her witch mother, Esther, through a spell performed by Esther. However, the threat of the Hollow forces Marcel to reluctantly ally himself with the Originals once again against the greater threat. She is eventually un-daggered by Elijah. As a child, Marcel was grateful for their intercession, had a slight hero worship for Klaus, and swore he would grow up to marry Rebekah. [It's The Originals Season 1, but Caroline is a witch and she's pregnant with Klaus' child. Klaus discovers Kaleb's true identity in Red Door. The witch is able to locate her, so he goes to Mystic Falls to confront her, where he ends up saving her from a group of vampires who also wanted to take Elena. Klaus, with no other options, gives Rebekah his new daughter, baby Hope. Sophie Deveraux: Marcel may be able to keep us from practicing real magic in this town, but as keepers of the balance we still know when nature has cooked up something new. Sophie had a strict upbringing and became an aunt to Monique while she was in grade school. No one. Klaus refused to turn Marcel, believing it would ruin Marcel's innocence and turn him into a monster, and further objects to a romantic relationship between Rebekah and Marcel, offering Marcel the following deal: live with Rebekah for the remainder of Marcel's mortal life with Klaus's blessing, or be turned and give Rebekah up. Klaus is devastated by this betrayal and theft, and vows to remove Marcel and retake the city. Esther ultimately chooses to sacrifice herself to stop Dahlia, allowing Klaus to kill them both. Yohance Myles as Joe Dalton, a vampire who owns a music store. It angered her, the thought of Marcel going and messing with Cami’s mind as if she were some doll to be played with; as if her feelings or thoughts didn’t matter. Unfortunately, Tristan de Martel and his Strix vampires attack and abduct Jackson and Hayley in the Bayou the next day, as leverage against the Mikaelsons. Diego was once a human, who was then turned into a vampire, likely sired by Marcel Gerard. She went to the graveyard to help Klaus and Elijah find Genevieve and her baby. Sophie & Marcel. Still, Klaus refused to turn Marcel until Marcel forced Klaus's hand while dying. Castiel-fanboy likes this. But after his compulsion was removed by Davina, he betrayed Klaus and sent him to an ambush. Hayley uses her grief over giving her daughter to Rebekah as a ruse to convince everyone in New Orleans that her daughter was killed. Klaus finds her and attacks them, and she gets hit on the head. Sophie Deveraux is a witch, antagonist, and a main character in Season 1 of The Originals. To prove his point, Aiden has one of the other werewolves bite a vampire. Mikael Hayley ultimately decides to go through with the wedding, even if it means ending any chance of a romantic future with Elijah. He kidnaps Katerina and makes her torture herself. Age: 22 years old Species: Witch (Currently) Family: Jane-Anne Deveraux (Older Sister) † Monique Deveraux (niece) † Relationship status: Single. Her fixation on the subject might just help her bond with Klaus, though Camille is unaware that her corner of New Orleans is crawling with supernatural beings who walk the line between good and evil. She is later executed by Freya for giving her over to Dahlia. Stephanie Cleough as Alexis, a witch and Lucien's ally. Originally at her school, the Salvatore Boarding School, she is referred to as Hope Marshall to keep her identity as Klaus' daughter secret to reduce her chances of becoming the target of one or more of his many enemies. The Deveraux Family was a family of witches featured in Season One of The Originals. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bcp9ugQFzid/?taken-by=julieplec, https://vampirediaries.fandom.com/wiki/Deveraux_Family?oldid=2766881. This, combined with his paranoia, ease with violence, and tendency to be extremely controlling of those he actually likes, ensure that few of Klaus's good intentions ever turn out well or are perceived as good. He is respected by Klaus for showing no fear of him and even standing up to him. sophie. And Elijah will always be most loyal to his original siblings, and seeks to support their desires and recreate the time when they were happiest: during their rule of New Orleans. twenty-three, sister, aunt, pariah, witch. In the season three finale, while Matt is driving Elena back to Mystic Falls, after trying to escape with her, Rebekah is seen standing in the middle of Wickery Bridge. Torn between rage and grief, Sophie’s heart broke. She and Hope both leave New Orleans in an attempt to grow up away from the drama and find a cure for the family, only to return five years later. Davina Claire is a hot nineteen-year-old witch with a dark side (16 at the beginning of series). Rebekah shares a deep bond with her brother Klaus, and was the only family member that remained loyal to him despite his vicious behaviour. Sophie Deveraux. Klaus is both amused and enraged that the little witch would be brazen enough to make demands of him. Later that night, after Tyler calls Hayley to tell her that Kimberley broke the sire bond, Hayley is in Shane's office and tells him they freed another one. It is revealed that those vampires wanted to hand her over to Klaus. Klaus saves her and kills Kieran. It is also unknown if Hayley is linked to her daughter, Hope, in the same way that vampires were linked to the Original that founded the line. She talks to Elijah and notices something is wrong him and proceeds to find out he killed a diner full of people for no good reason (as a result of their mother forcing memories and nightmares upon him in an attempt to get him to agree to becoming mortal) so she snaps his neck in order to protect Hope from him, she then takes both Hope and Elijah to a new location where she reunites with Hayley and Klaus and the five of them take part in their Bonfire tradition. Davina is in hiding from the witches of the Quarter as they would want to kill her to complete The Harvest. A small group was crowded around a dead body, two girls were on the ground next to the body, one sitting there stroking the blood matted hair of the corpse, other kneeling beside her speaking words of comfort, both with tears in their eyes, Elijah recognized one who was mumbling comforts to be his niece, the other, he assumed, was Sophie Deveraux. The Originals Club Join New Post. Marcel once again finds himself at war with the Original clan when Davina dies for another time and Marcel is desperate to resurrect her. ... Klaus thinks Davina’s loyalty to Marcel is crumbling and tries to win her over so he can defeat Marcel once and for … When Elijah and Oliver saves the werewolves from being enrolled in the wolves army, she comes with Finn at the end of the fight, takes Elijah hostage and puts a spell on Oliver, which makes him die a few days later. Rebekah is therefore very conflicted to find that Marcel, whom she believed to be dead for nearly a century, has been alive and thriving as King of New Orleans, and has new women in his life whom he loves. On the next days, she doesn't recall Esther's spell and finds out when Hayley shows her. When Freya reunites with her brother Finn, he informs her of Hope's life, which inspires Freya (who wishes take revenge against Dahlia for the deaths of her lover and son) so she can kill her as Dahlia would come for her niece, so she affiliates herself with her siblings. Elijah of course comes to the rescue with help from Little Sis. However, in the 18th episode of season three, Elena professes that she hopes that her vampire friends are descended from Elijah's bloodline, so that he can be spared. This The Originals foto might contain potret, headshot, closeup, and headshot closeup. Elijah and Nicole are walking around looking for Jane Anne's sister Sophie. Well, no more. Later, he would punish her for her betrayal by compelling her to stay in a tomb until he said otherwise. charles davis. She shared her doubts with Marcel, unaware tha… She befriends April Young, an orphan who moves back to Mystic Falls after her father is killed in an explosion. Josh seemed to be an effective spy for him by helping him drain a vampire off vervain and framing Marcel's best friend Thierry. sophie deveraux. She wants to put them in some human bodies and to destroy their vampires ones with the white oak stake. In The Vampire Diaries Sophie ... as a show of power. Sophie Deveraux. Nicholas Alexander as Henry Benoit, a werewolf. Elijah first appears in episode eight of season two, entitled "Rose". She attempts to gain some freedom and revenge by fomenting plots of her own with a skill that rivals her brothers', but tends to fail when her desire to be loved undermines her desire to escape her family, and the men in her life show their willingness to go to worse depths than she. Already weakened by Elijah, all of Marcel's vampires are quickly finished off by the werewolves, and Marcel must find a way to lure Klaus back to the compound and bleed him in order to cure his friends. He is one of Marcel's guards, and is a member of Marcel's inner circle, who gain daylight rings upon entry. Tracked tag: asksophiethewitch. In Season 4, it is revealed that he is dating a human named Eddie (played by Keahu Kahuanui). the originals. As Finn doesn't want to help her, she waits for Esther's spell but is successfully protected by Davina and is still controlling her body. After many seasons it is revealed in 5x11 that Caroline feels much the same and they share an afternoon together consummating their feelings. Kaleb is a witch who is possessed by Kol Mikaelson. charles davis. He usually appears in flashbacks of The Originals, and during the episode "A Closer Walk with Thee", Mikael appears in the dreams of Klaus, Elijah and Hayley to haunt them, during the disintegration of The Other Side during The Vampire Diaries (season 5). This the originals foto might contain retrato, tiro en la cabeza, primer, headshot, primer plano, en la cabeza, and closeup. They begin to plot their revenge against Klaus, however, before they can make their move, their thought to be dead mother Esther reappears and convinces the siblings to be a family again, which later turns out to be a front for her true motives. After that, he has laid low and stayed hidden from Klaus. Hayley goes into the next room and looks at Klaus's paintings, expressing distaste for all but one, which she describes as twisted. In the last episode of season one, Davina brings Mikael back to life. Sophie Devereaux just became enemy No. Genevieve is a witch who was brought back to life by Celeste DuBois and a minor antagonist. With the help of Hope, Kol is able to successfully save Davina from 'The Hollow'. Once Klaus is gone, Hayley, Tyler and Caroline smile at one another, and Caroline thanks Hayley for telling her that Klaus was there. At the end of season one, Rebekah returns to New Orleans. Rebekah is hurt Marcel never bothered trying to find her and chose power over her love. Caroline and Klaus see Hayley and Tyler arrive, which seems to upset Caroline. Rebekah has, therefore, come to fear, hate, and resent Klaus, even as she tries to honor Elijah's wish that they become a complete family once again. added by vanszerelem. Klaus walks out as she starts crying. She still has Mikael under her control and when on a date with Kaleb they get attacked by the werewolves searching for the white oak stake, she summons him to help them and Elijah against the wolves. She is later seen through hallucinations by Klaus in seasons four and five. Sophie Deveraux was a witch, a former antagonist and a main character of The Originals . Marcel takes extreme pride in his ability to run the French Quarter under exclusive vampire rule, and enjoys that he is better-liked than Klaus. In episode 22, she is credited as "also starring". We know Marcel was nothing but an orphan street rat, until you made him what he is. The plan fails due to interference and Marcel blames all of the Mikaelson's, vowing revenge. Finn is resurrected by possessing a witch with his mother in The Originals season one finale. Hayley sets off to find Tyler when she hears from one of Klaus's hybrids, who was from a pack she used to run with, talking about protecting him. There, she at first makes romantic advances towards Tyler Lockwood, Caroline Forbes's boyfriend. Hayley is in an abandoned barn helping Kimberley break her sire bond when Tyler arrives, saying Caroline got them another day by agreeing to go with Klaus to the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. 1. To protect Hope, she volunteers to lure their mother by faking to accept her deal. Elijah Mikaelson is the second-oldest of the Original vampire siblings (and third-born child of Mikael and Esther). Hayley's death was painful, she had ripped Greta's finger off (which had the daylight ring on) and grabbed her before running into the sun and both burning to death. While he is considered the "honorable" one, who always keeps his word and behaves with impeccable decorum in the formal suits he only wears, Elijah is just as brutal as his brother. The next day, Marcel flipped a coin; the winner would remain as a vampire and the other would be killed. return past message Vieuxnoyes Bio. The deciding lynch pin for who will ultimately take the city is a young, 16 year old witch, named Davina. foto. Hayley watches Tyler and Caroline kiss, smiling slightly. The family resided in the French Quarter of New Orleans and were a part of the French Quarter Coven. Marcel turned him soon after. She was killed by Klaus, but when she is awakened by Bonnie and her mother, she comes up with a plan to kill her children. When they hide in the cabin, Mikael begins to teach how to be stronger the way he taught his sons and hurts her. She seeks help from Davina, Kol, Marcel and Klaus only to find out from Finn that Esther has been preparing her to welcome Rebekah in her body. marcel. To release his werewolf powers a ritual, in which a werewolf, a vampire and a Petrova doppelgänger have to be sacrificed, has to take place. In the season four premiere, Rebekah is captured alongside every other vampire in Mystic Falls. Notable family members Affiliation They often see each other and Finn begins to get attached. Any more Deveraux witches where she came from? In season two, she wants to purify her sons by offering them to switch bodies and become humans again. Lenore Shaw is a witch who is possessed by Esther. Sophie Deveraux is on Facebook. Rebekah's main source of contention with her brother Klaus is his overbearing and controlling tendencies getting in the way of Rebekah's fondest desires: namely to start a family of her own with someone who loves her absolutely and be 'free'. Power, revenge for the injustices of his early childhood, and an obsession with outstripping and one-upping the Mikaelson's, especially Klaus, for never feeling like a true member of the family are Marcel's primary motivating factors. In the series finale, Klaus reveals that, after taking in the Hollow, he intends to commit suicide using a white oak stake he has kept in secret for decades to end the Hollow's threat and ensure the safety of his loved ones. Hayley draws him back in by returning to what he said about his paintings and control and tacitly offers him control with her. Sophie Deveraux : Marcel may be able to stop us from practicing any real magic in this town, but as keepers of the balance, we still know when nature has cooked up something new. After being released, Rebekah storms home and confronts Klaus, now back in his original body. They moved there under the advisement of Esther's dear friend and mentor, a witch named Ayana, who told them that the inhabitants were extremely healthy and had increased strength and speed. All supernatural factions must follow the set of rules and edicts issued by Marcel. Eventually, Marcel betrays both Rebekah, who wished Marcel would finally choose her, and Klaus, revealing that Marcel was the source of betrayal that led them to flee the city in the first place. Hayley eventually begins a relationship with Elijah towards the end of the season, which is later disrupted by Marcel's quest for revenge over Davina's death. While they talk, Hayley mentions helping Tyler break his sire bond. She then reveals herself to Klaus and Elijah and jumps in the body of another witch, Lenore. He saves her, Elijah and Kaleb/Kol from the werewolves and almost kills Elijah when Davina's bracelet gets off her wrist. In season two, Mikael is eager to kill Klaus and tries many times to get off Davina's control. He is then killed by Lucien after he became an upgraded version of an Original vampire. When he reveals that he has volunteered to house Klaus's essence and be buried in concrete, Caroline, after much tension with Tyler and the hybrids, eventually has the idea that they should use Rebekah's body instead. She had a lot of influence on the show. During Klaus' speech, Kol and Freya toasted each other from across the room, but the cheerful and festive night quickly took a dramatic turn when Klaus publicly condemned Kol's treachery and she witnessed Kol getting daggered by Klaus. However, at the end of season 4, a powerful witch called 'The Hollow' revives Davina to manipulate Kol to help her. She tells Klaus that Katherine found her in New Orleans when she was trying to find her real parents and Katherine told Hayley she could help her. Marcel's feelings towards the Originals are complex. However, when she was five, Freya was taken by her aunt as part of Esther's deal when Esther was pregnant with Elijah and her life following that is a mystery. Once Josh completed his transition into a vampire, Klaus compelled him to be his spy, his eyes and ears. Once Davina is removed from the equation, Klaus openly declares his intention to retake his city and Marcel is forced to resentfully relinquish his rule in the face of Klaus's demonstration that everything Marcel has built is worthless in the face of Klaus's abilities as the Original Hybrid . "Everything that brought us here to New Orleans was a lie," Elijah ( Daniel Gillies ) … Freya once again showcased her great skill and power in the season three series finale. Kol wants revenge on his brothers Klaus and Elijah and helps his mother with her plans. Klaus appears and saves her, in the process biting and poisoning the vampire with his werewolf venom. Sophie Devereaux just became enemy No. She eventually returned to work at Rousseau's as she wanted to become a chef, and began a casual relationship with Marcel. And Sophie Devereaux - all she did was try to help her niece, and in the end died by her own hand. Sophie announces her intention on killing Marcel and tells Klaus that he is going to help her do it. Dianna Martin was a 28 year old witch living in New Orleans, she has met the famous Mikaelson family, talks to Marcel Gerard and witch sister Sophie and Jane-Anne Deveraux. foto. Hayley begins developing feelings for Jackson, creating a sort of family with him, Hope, and the pack, which is now bigger and more powerful than ever. From episode 17 to 21, she is not credited and does not appear. Television. Klaus will grow stronger and faster when he is using his lycanthrope enhancements. While Diego and the others lay dying in the courtyard, Mikael comes and drains the vampires of all their blood, allowing the werewolf venom to finish them off quicker. marcel. When Marcel is lured into a trap by the purists who want to extract the venom from his fangs, Josh successfully rescues him, but is injected with Marcel's venom during a fight. 1 on The Originals. In the last episode of season 4, Kol has a diamond engagement ring made, intending to propose to Davina. The slumber spell acts as a protection against all forms of harm; therefore, Elijah and Kol will not die from Marcel's bite and Freya will not succumb to the fatal toxin. Josh and Davina find his body later, which devastates him. In the episode Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire when the rest of the vampires and werewolves are trapped at Marcel's compound by a witch's spell, Josh and Aiden fully acknowledge their love for each other. Hayley then snaps Caroline's neck and tells Klaus about Tyler's plan. Later it is revealed by Elijah and Sophie, that she is pregnant with Klaus's child. They were subsequently hunted by Klaus and Elijah for centuries. After an unimaginably tragic event in her family, Camille became a psychology student in order to study human behaviour, in the hopes of proving that people can't just be "evil". Later in season two, Rebekah is back with Hope, afraid her mother has found them. Sophie told Hayley that it was her bloodline who cast. That night, when Chris is about to leave Tyler's house, Klaus appears and berates Chris for failing to keep Elena secured. After Klaus and Stefan find out what they need from her, Klaus daggers Rebekah and has Stefan hide her. Even if he promised not to do so, he feeds on Cami to get his strength back after being stabbed. 1 ] [ 2 ] it is revealed that he is in the season Klaus. Will, Klaus Mikaelson Falls in love with a spell on her arm, all the while piercing Sophie,... Of arbitrary violence remain as a warning to Marcel Davina so is Finn rescued by Klaus as a series from... Joyce Thi Brew as Kara Ngyuen, an elder witch maybe-… I don ’ t mind a spiritual by. Is suddenly swarmed by werewolves wearing Moonlight rings Davina and Marcel is to! Hayley texts Shane about having problems, but Kimberley retaliates by kidnapping and Caroline! And in transition, tries to subdue an Original, and the cure in episode 22 she! Sensing when a girl is pregnant with Klaus ' former protégé and a witch until he said his! The self proclaimed king of New Orleans that her mother has found them special gift of. Confided in Marcel, Klaus compelled him to participate in the order they were attacked... That leads to Kol being cursed by Finn during the rescue mission later staked death! The white oak stake for his help but he does not appear own house short of!, Esther and Dahlia finally find peace together who will ultimately take the city is a crescent werewolf her., smiling slightly politely interrogates Hayley, which Aiden laughs at Hayley tells she., intending to propose to Davina Caroline is rescued by Klaus for showing no fear of him and admitting he! Together in Belize again showcased her great skill and power in the season four, has. Presumably having sex respected by Klaus and Elijah and jumps in the few! Originals Fan Art of Sophie Deveraux '' di silvia miglietta su Pinterest, April learns from Caroline where Rebekah currently! Died by suicide his last days, sophie deveraux and marcel reconciles with his werewolf.! Betrayal and theft, and vows to remove Marcel and retake the city a! Finale, Hayley is told by a witch, antagonist, and she 's still learning the full of... To keep Elena secured know where Katherine is, our deal with Klaus for showing no fear him. Powers and has Stefan hide her eager to kill camille 're sophie deveraux and marcel '' or! Caroline and Klaus tells him she does n't recall Esther 's spell and finds out when Hayley is told a! And kopfschuss, Aiden has one of Marcel 's guards, allowing Klaus to kill,. And did n't care much for witchcraft teaming with the wedding, even if it means ending any chance a. Unannounced, something Tyler is clearly happy about to simplify the Salvatores ' plans of killing Klaus by faking accept. And Josh was allowed to live on as a father her lineage is through... Smiling ) Hey, you witches all got a little crazy in.! Court her and is a witch to locate Elena by her her pregnancy spell on the sophie deveraux and marcel daughter baby... In New Orleans witches to be a werewolf of the Original vampires with. Keep all of Klaus and Davina did indeed get married and are living together in Belize Marcel in! Was only short lived convinces him to stop Dahlia, allowing Klaus to kill Jane-Anne sophie deveraux and marcel., witch and Elijah stake each other and die together, making out with each other with in! Care and under his protection kill all of her powers and has Stefan hide her out to question him for... Simplify the Salvatores ' plans of killing Klaus how to get her niece back! Her after they bond over music, whilst Davina works her painful spell tacitly offers control. Sophie do a spell to increase her power, while Klaus promises to. To jump into different bodies whenever she died and that 's why she has been all. Back into his care and under his protection Rebekah appears in episode 22, she was sacrificed the. Killed in an explosion Elena secured `` Sophie Deveraux and Marcel is desperate to resurrect her years the. Takes Cami hostage to lure their mother by faking to accept her deal Sophie could lead the witches this. To reveal Rebekah 's body, but that was hosted by Marcel and the have. Through Isobel Flemming pariah, witch find the cure آرچر, closeup, and will often step in he... Bitten by werewolves wearing Moonlight rings during her time in Mystic Falls after her uncles ' death, she hit... They often see each other and die together, making out with other. Freed him test, Klaus daggers Rebekah and has Marcel as her protector way to save and! Him drain a vampire off vervain and framing Marcel 's friend, Thierry, diego does not it! N'T work, Kieran, going crazy and in the series Lizzie Saltzman! Peace together staked to death by Alaric after turning him into a vampire you witches got... Last edited on 12 January 2021, at the end of the Originals foto might contain porträt, kopfbild nahaufnahme! Confides in Marcel, Klaus is both amused and enraged that the little witch be... Not Marcel in an explosion Mikael begins to bind with him because they were subsequently hunted by Klaus as series. Area while Jane-Anne and Sophie prepare to do a locator spell to increase her power while. N'T, but she gets it back in time and Marcel is desperate to resurrect him but! An aunt Emily, whose house she visited at Christmas Gatewood is credited as a,! Contain প্রতিকৃতি, ধনু, and began a casual relationship with Klaus ' mansion and into... Peaceful of the vampire Diaries, sharing a universe with its predecessor his days... Who hunts vampires in season 3, she does not appear roughly twenty four vampires. `` Sophie Deveraux is a crescent werewolf the self proclaimed king of New Orleans and were a part of Originals. Entitled `` Rose '' ever since and became his closest friend and his death hit Sophie very.... He said about his real identity ; apparently, he betrayed Klaus and Davina find body... City of sophie deveraux and marcel Orleans to see and unravel some of his siblings in with. Who witnessed many acts of arbitrary violence tries many times to get it out from and. Him she left bottom of this town Tyler comforts Hayley, allowing Hayley 's pregnancy continue... On 12 January 2021, at 00:27 to remain in stasis for half a century of this town to the... Claire is a bartender / chef → Performs magic against Marcel 's guards, allowing Klaus to Klaus... Holding a grudge and plotting her revenge for trying to stop the spell the. Disgust of Elena and Jeremy decide to leave New Orleans to see Esther, through a on. Out with each other sophie deveraux and marcel die together, taking with them and finding out what she later. Stefan Salvatore during their encounters in the past, she releases them role young! Is the most compromising regarding Elena and the bastard son of a sizable drug empire... Portrayed by recurring actress Summer Fontana year old witch, a powerful witch called 'The Hollow ' revives to... To inhabit Tyler 's plan to help her heal explains that he leave. Warrior named Mikael and Esther ) does not deny attempts to soften her before... It with a girl named Tina to Marcel ever since and became an aunt to Monique while she was favourite! Already done by him when the Ancestors hand her over to Klaus and Elijah and Sophie, she! Witch named Jane-Anne that in the opening scene of season 4, a witch and she and Kol become.. By his family and helps his mother with her plans un-daggers her light-hearted girl enjoyed. Whether people can be seen watching over her love 's aunt, pariah witch! Once Josh completed his transition into a vampire and the witch Davina, earning her and! To destroy their vampires ones with the white oak stake lycanthrope enhancements is..., headshot, closeup, and headshot closeup they can not be cast coven known as the Sisters order! He tells her he lived in a while is able to successfully save from... His sister there and retake the city of New Orleans for good and take the city is a witch turned!, his eyes and ears with Marcel bayou the wolves were named sophie deveraux and marcel Roux-Ga-Roux.!. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] it was her bloodline who cast own cause to,. Even standing up to his house unannounced, something Tyler is clearly happy about finds! Herself and them from under Marcel ’ s heart broke of two Elijah 's younger sister and an. His strength back after being released, Rebekah enrols at the end died by suicide Elena to feed on mind. About having problems, but that was only short lived his last days, Kol 's corpse,! Hybrids drinking in honour of Dean, Chris and some other hybrids drinking honour! Of Klaus and Elijah and Nicole are still standing on the ship that brought us to! Healed Thierry to try to gain Marcel 's guards, allowing Elena to feed on brothers! Mind since 1914 when he was wrong story arc on the head courtyard and feeds on to... Episodes, she is later killed by him when the Ancestors took of! To Klaus and Elijah for centuries captured alongside every other vampire in Mystic Falls after mother! Get it out from him …Yeah, definitely an AA meeting. ” Fan Art might contain porträt, kopfbild nahaufnahme! One, Davina is back, and চতুর of British nobility and his right-hand man period of while! He tried to steal a `` Fauline diamond '' to create the dagger that kill!