Paramore almost didn’t make it to 2017. Paramore is back with its fifth album, After Laughter. However, as a collective piece of music, the album is immensely disappointing, and almost every aspect feels like a step down in some regard. Hard Times. ‘Catharsis is never usually this joyous, but sometimes smiling through the pain works better than crying’ (NME review). After Laughter is a human album where the catchy, upbeat tunes often feel like a coping mechanism for anxious and depressive thoughts Read Review. Siento que cada album que publica Paramore desvela nuevos sonidos, incluso después de las muchas peleas que ha tenido esta banda. As a collective musical ensemble, the album is incredibly cohesive and flows really nicely. "After Laughter" by Paramore (released May 12, 2017) Paramore almost didn’t make it to 2017. It is probably the perfect summer for most music listeners. Stand Out Songs: “Hard Times,” “26,” “Told You So” . Matt Parnell, October 2, 2020. Its a new place for paramore, but its what they excel at. Album Review: SAD13 – Haunted Painting. 1 Comment. Melodious angst … TRACK: Machinedrum feat. But all is not quite right. All this publication's reviews Reviews \ Paramore’s Excellent After Laughter Is All Emo Bleakness Under Its New Wave Brightness Brad Nelson // May 12, 2017. Posted in: Leisure & Hobbies, Music, Reviews. Returning from a four-year absence, Paramore are … Their new album manages to feel wildly unlike them, and yet inextricably linked to them. The next track on After Laughter is a hard one to review. The band has had a hard few years, particularly due to the acrimonious departure of bassist Jeremy Davis in 2015, and the accompanying legal action, dissension, and depression nearly caused the remaining members, vocalist Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York,… After Laughter is definitely a different direction for the band, and the album is heavily influenced by 80's pop. And with the reflective subject matter accompanying The melody is sweet and catchy, but it’s not a song that I keep in my mind after listening to it. This feels like a band completing an evolution and moving into a new sonic era, which can be called "selling out" by people who don't know what they are talking about. Much more intriguing are the album’s final three songs, where Paramore deal with their past and their role as modern idols in surprising ways. Album: After Laughter. The clip begins with Williams climbing out of a car that’s crashed onto a stage set decorated with cotton-ball clouds, wearing an unsure look: How did I get here? Hayley Williams considers her life and let's go of her grin on her latest album, a fizzy yet despondent piece of ’80s pop-rock.- Ryan Dombal, Senior Editor at Pitchfork The After Laughter album was a complete shift from the typical Paramore look, sound and feel.… Paramore’s giant hooks and soaring vocals have often been accompanied by a withering worldview – their rip-roaring breakthrough single “Misery Business” was a poison-pen letter to a romantic rival, while “Ain’t It Fun,” the Top Ten single from their 2013 self-titled album, blended the gospel-assisted bounce of “Like a Prayer” with a firm trust-no-one stance. By Leonie Cooper. It feels like you have been thrown into the 80s. Though After Laughter generally sees Williams exploring the softer nuances of her voice, “Idle Worship” has her seething and spitting as she rejects the heroism that’s so often projected onto her: “You’re wasting all your faith on me.” The song turns Biblical notions of false idolatry, along with radical fear and vulnerability, into a hook built to be sung by thousands of wide-eyed, hair-dyed followers. Reviews Paramore – After Laughter | Album Review. After Laughter sees Paramore refusing fake happiness and turning to honesty. Every single track on After Laughter is a gem but personal favourites include 26, Grudges, Hard Times, Rose Coloured Boy, Told You … Sung by quavering emo intellectual Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou over a queasy, cyclical riff, it essentially tells the story of Paramore in language that’s dense, referential, and almost shockingly honest, culminating in lines that seem to suggest the band’s craven core: “So let’s make one point crystal clear,” Weiss explains, “You see a flood-lit form, I see a T-shirt design/I’m no savior of yours and you’re no friend of mine.” Once again, this is Paramore dressing themselves down, calling their own motivations into question and exposing their darkest sides. The current members of Paramore barely lived through the ’80s, and for them the decade represents something of an idyll—a time of neon colors and easy rhythms and feel-good fables like The Goonies. 65/100. Parents need to know that After-- a college-set romance based on Anna Todd's best-selling novel -- deals frankly with sex. Instead, they embrace “pop” as a musical vibe, with a record that’s so sunshine-bright it gives off a glare at times, rooted in fleet basslines and beats made for open-road drives and solo bedroom dance parties. This extreme yin-yang quality is somewhat new for them. Since she was a young teen, Williams has led angsty pop-punk singalongs with the friendly authority of a summer camp counselor. 7 hours ago. After Laughter is something different from what we have used to from Paramore and no one had expected something like this. © Copyright 2021 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. 8.2 | Gig Soup. After Laughter is an utter triumph. After Laughter is produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen who also produced the self-titled album. It definitely has a few depressive moments that are also pretty great, but the standouts are most definitely the groovier, catchier tunes. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 8.0 | Evening Standard. Paramore – After Laughter Album Review. Posted by Nitemice on July 26, 2017. After Laughter (Review) 5/12/2017 0 Comments We all remember Paramore as the pop punk band from the early 2000s. A great vibe from the 80s and 90s with great songs EXPECT NO FRIEND. The album has the standard tone, themes and pacing of a regular paramore, in an 80s style. After Laughter was clearly made with the best intentions, and it’s great to see most of Paramore’s original lineup back together and getting along again. Instead of railing against someone who’s let her down, she responds with shrugging grace: “Tell me how to feel about you now/Oh, let me know.” Williams is not all-powerful, and she’s no longer trying to be. Even while singing of anger, betrayal, and disappointment on ever-bigger stages and in technicolor videos throughout the last 13 years, the Paramore leader has projected a pro’s poise along with a child star’s desire to please. On their fifth release, After Laughter, it's finally happened. Audience: The same as Paramore’s has always been.. Bottom Line: It’s thematically faithful to old Paramore, even if it sounds different.. It’s the sound of a band who are ready to leave their transitional period behind to explore bold new territory. ‘After Laughter’ by Paramore – Review. The band has had a hard few years, particularly … Music Reviews: After Laughter by Paramore released in 2017 via Fueled By Ramen, Atlantic. And really after Bruce, Lucius was the star of Batman #101. When the zipped-up hooks falter, though, Williams can seem gauche, especially for someone approaching 30.