“I’m sorry, I think we have our wires crossed,” is acceptable. When you've unintentionally angered someone, your first instinct may be to explain that making them mad wasn't your goal, and try to elaborate on what you really meant. We have all been victims of an insincere apology. It was not my intention to upset you and I feel terrible that I may have hurt your feelings. How to apologize to someone you hurt a long time ago? Unintentionally Hurt Someone Sometimes things are said, decisions are made, actions are initiated that help you to create the sacred space you need to progress forward on your life’s mission. Apologize if needed, but don’t overdo it. I said something to my girlfriend out of anger and eventually things went out of my hands and she broke up with me. Life is never simple. Don’t apologize for your existence. Thanks for the A2A.. You are my best friend, my girlfriend, and the light of my life. I’m sorry that we’ll never get the chance to really talk about it. The key to a good apology lies not necessarily in the timing but in the apology, itself. Intentionally or unintentionally, we have often hurt the feelings of our family, friends and other people who are an important part of our lives. Apology for Offending Someone Dear {Name}, I'm truly sorry that I offended you the other day with my {joke/comment/action}. The Right and Wrong Way to Apologize and Why It Matters ... Apologizing the right way, when you have hurt someone unnecessarily, by mistake … Sometimes we end up hurting the most important people in our lives. Most importantly I’m sorry I hurt you. Life goes on, and periodically, we unintentionally hurt someone by our decisions or actions, and this is no fault of yours. Or in another example, “I’m sorry my words hurt you. I’m sorry the words I spoke cut deeper than I could ever imagine. But, “I’m so sorry – I’m such a terrible person,” makes it about you, and takes away from the apology. Sometimes we are up for doing something good for someone and in the end we hurt their feelings. I’m sorry for the times I caused you upset. Whenever we were apart and I used to think about you, a smile would come to my face. Just be sure to acknowledge that you know not to do that in the future. I have been in the same place as you are now. I see now how insensitive my behavior was. If you caused someone pain at any point, even unintentionally, you should offer an honest apology. It’s never too late to genuinely say sorry. Express Regret . If you didn’t intend to cause harm you should still apologize, but you don’t have to accept complete responsibility. A good apology, one with good strong bones, is the same whether time has passed or not. Hurting someone you love and knowing that you are the one that caused the pain is more than I can bare. You unintentionally leave a colleague out of the loop on a joint project, causing him or her to feel frustrated and a bit betrayed. Too many people believe that simply saying sorry one time should suffice, if we have hurt somebody's feelings. When seeking to understand how to apologize effectively, it’s also important to understand the value of expressing regret. I’m sorry you didn’t hear it from me. Taking responsibility is important, but it’s also helpful for the other person to know that you feel bad about hurting them, and wish you hadn’t.