I love to kiss and tell. Is that not the phrase used when you reveal to the whole world the details of an escapade? I do tell, a lot. In this case I just cannot hold back my excitement; I’m oozing all the tell-tale signs of satisfaction. This terrific beauty made my weekend, and I always will be grateful.

Not a woman, this one. This beauty is the awesome phenomenon called the Obudu Mountain Resort. I remember saying to a number of persons that no adjective, or photograph truly captures the essence of the mountain also called ‘the mountain of the thunder gods’. However, I will try, for this kiss-and-tell, with a few photographs to help you see why you should pack your bags for your honeymoon or anniversary and head for this resort. For sure this resort was made for two, so never go alone, except for creatives who need the most idyllic settings for their work. The beauty of this heavenly place has a way of making you feel lonely. Was that not the reason He created a companion?



I once wrote an article, ‘The Long, Painful Road to Fun’, arguing that perhaps the best treasures are perfectly hidden away and need painful, sacrificing endeavours to reap. Well, I still believe that the best treasures are carefully hidden away, but my Obudu experience has taught me that the journey can very much be part of the experience.

The resort can be reached via Calabar in Cross River State. There used to be commercial flights from Calabar to the ranch but this has stopped for a while, so the only way to get there is 5 hours by road from Calabar or 4 hours from Makurdi in Benue State. Or of course you could decide to do a charter flight.

The 5-hour journey by road from Calabar is as scenic as can be. When you are about an hour or so away from the resort you will be heralded by the beautiful sights of cascading mountains romancing hazy clouds wearing turquoise blue blankets.



Truth be told, I have not yet seen the ‘original’ waterfall on the ranch. It is said to be 2 hours away from the resort’s nicely themed accommodation on top of the mountains. That would be a joy to behold someday though, considering that the smaller waterfall pictured here, about 5 minutes walk from the reception, is to say the least very charming. This provides a marvelous background for the natural swimming pool at the resort. There is also the grotto where you can relax and take in the amazing scenery.


All ye swimmers rejoice! The water park at the resort is so lovely, I wonder if it actually was designed for swimming or for taking photographs. With a water splash and about 3 different pools to choose from, the park is a family delight. For a bundle fee that includes return trips on the cable car to the bottom of the mountain where the resort is located, you can enjoy a whole day splashing. You would be surprised that often times you will have different weather conditions here and on top of the mountain.



Riding a golf cart around the amazing resort has a tricky good feeling to it, believe me. The golf cart takes four people but I’d rather it was just the two of you. Ride from the reception to the mountain villas and playground to the presidential villa, back through the restaurant and then the grotto. Just don’t try to use the cart down the winding road to the base of the hill! Because I won’t be there…



You can soak up all the awesomeness of the resort aboard the cable car. With views of the terrific winding roads and superman-style cloud piercing, this is some cable car experience you’ll remember. Said to measure about eleven kilometres from the bottom to the top, it is one of the longest in the world.


This is my best part. Dining in the clouds can only be divinely romantic. There are not too many places in the world where you can get scenery as glorious as this. We are talking about 1,576 metres above sea level! Please take a look at the picture again and note the clouds below you!  I would love to believe that even if you drank garri here you’d experience a satiety and beatitude that guarantee perfect nutrition.

If after dining in an atmosphere as glorious as this your spouse complains, … GO SEE A DOCTOR!


This is where I say goodbye. Did I mention that there’s a gym as well as sporting options to choose from on the ranch. You’ll also enjoy the games arcade where you’ll find an array of games that will catch your fancy.

As you let my photographs inspire you into travelling to the mountain resort, this is hoping you will get the next edition of Wedding Planner where I will share with you another set of photographs from another exciting destination. You can also ring me up anytime to plan a trip for yourself or your organisation or simply join one of our scheduled tours to the resort.

After all being said, please do find a space in your heart to love. God Almighty’s love for us manifests in these beautiful creations and sights. Love does wonderful things.